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VEGAS RUNWAY FM is a promotional magazine based out of Las Vegas, Nevada. We are predominantly centered on Beauty and Fashion. Founded by Elena Pineda in November of 2016, our goal is to promote not only well-known Photographers and Models but those just starting out. VEGAS RUNWAY FM was created to bring such talented individuals together in one forum, where they can collaborate and initiate some of their best creative works. Along with a quickly growing and talented team, VEGAS RUNWAY FM has steadily risen to be a strong promoter of Photography, Fashion, Make up Artistry and Modeling.
We showcase Avant-Garde, Fashion, Beauty, and photography Editorials as well as Outstanding Artists of all types.
We accept submissions from emerging photographers and their creative teams, artists, musicians, bands, bloggers, creative writers, filmmakers, and fashion designers/brands.
VEGAS RUNWAY FM printed version can be purchased through Magcloud.com , we do NOT provide any free copies to anyone.
Gather your teams and send us your best work!
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